Tutorial Part 1: Set up a Light Client for Development

At Parity Technologies, we believe that Light Clients will play a big role in the Ethereum network in the future. However, today, Light Clients are still mainly experimental.

For development, there's no big risk in using a Light Client. If anything, it's a small step towards making the network more decentralized.

Download the Light Client

Please install Parity Ethereum first: https://parity.io. Then run Parity Ethereum with the following flags:

/path/to/parity --chain kovan --light --ws-origins all

We are using the Kovan testnet so that we are not testing our dapp with real Ether. To get some fake Kovan ETH to play with, head to the faucet: https://faucet.kovan.network/.

The Light Client should take a couple of minutes to sync. Head to our wiki to learn more about the Light Client.

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